Ray’s Heritage

One of Florida’s leading fresh produce growers is bringing fresh vegetable salad lovers a new choice to liven fresh garden salads and add natural nutrients as well.

About Ray’s

Ray’s Heritage is a grower owned state-of-the-art packing house, established in 2007, that cools, stores, markets, sells and ships fresh vegetables including radishes, leafy greens, and sweet corn. We store, cool, pack and ship produce such as radishes, leafy vegetables and sweet corn. We strive to provide our customers with the highest focus on food safety possible.

The original goal of bringing multiple growers together to be highly diversified under one facility is still coming together with help of the partnership with Wilkinson Cooper.

Now, Ray’s has vertically integrated our farming operation by adding an inside sales and marketing group – along with continuing to partner with quality growers across the US to continue to provide the highest quality vegetables to customers all over the country.

With our high-efficiency and environmentally friendly ammonia hydro coolers, vacuum tubes and refrigeration – we are ensuring your vegetables not only taste great, but are always safe to eat. We also added an ozone protection system, that helps sanitize our products, and greatly reduces bacteria keeping our valued employees from getting sick. Along with our top-notch sanitation practices, we also operate a packaged tray pack corn line and a green bean line. All of this effort and planning is meant to ensure the customer enjoys fresh, delicious and safe product directly from our growers. Our Farms and Warehouse located in Belle Glade, FL are within minutes of each other which provides the benefit of harvesting, packing and shipping our products are the peak of freshness.

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2401 Eagle Lane Belle Glade, FL 33430

232 NW Ave Belle Glade, FL 33430

Office: 561-692-0985


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